GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS was created on 27th November 2015, having its office in Behala, Kolkata was created with an Aim to provide cost effective Web development Solution to our Customers. We understand both technology and business, so we apply the approaches of both fields to our process Through a detailed discussion with our customers, we determine the proper solution for our client’s problem. Weather it is a website, online software or only domain name registration, we have an experienced team that will cater all your needs & can address them in a timely manner. Our solutions take as many forms as they serve functions, increasing sales or reaching new markets. Whatever form our solutions take – optimization of an existing process, launching a start-up or the development of a completely new set of services – they turn into clear, tangible benefits. And what’s more, they turn into profits. Just as we understand business, we understand technology. Our specialists develop web applications & are updated with new emerging technology, So that you never miss a slice of the market.
GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS’S vision is to provide a host of products related to IT & Technology under a single roof. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a gateway which one can use to register a domain name that uniquely identifies an Entity, which could be a business organization or personal profile. This comes with a host of additional features like an easy to use Control panel, free email accounts with mail forwarding feature, DNS management, domain theft protection and other Bulk tools. Any domain name needs a hosting provider so that it can be brought in front of the online viewers, GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS provides different types of hosting packages like:
  1. Single domain shared hosting.
  2. Multiple domain shared hosting.
  3. V.P.S
  4. Dedicated server.
  5. Managed Server.
We also have additional complimentary features like Code Guard Website backup, Sitelock Malware detector, SSL certificates and dedicated IPs. All these with an amazing 99% uptime A Support team always there to help & recommend the most suitable hosting package as per the purpose of the website and its traffic flow. In order to influence people and to reach a huge mass of visitors everyone needs an amazing website. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS consists of a team of key developers and designers who can bring your imagination into reality in an aesthetic way. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS makes use of various open source tools to frame a website. The most commonly used technologies are follows:
  • Html5, CSS3, JAVA SCRIPT, JQUERY, PHP5, Word press, Joomla Magento Codeigniter
  • Sugar CRM
  • Custom php
  • Laravel
Combined with the Databases in : Mysql, Maria DB. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS focuses on creating desktop based application on various platforms like Linux and Android. After completion of the delivery of the project, GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is always there to assist on any post-delivery issues or in case of any bug that might arise upon implementation of the project. The maintenance cost is very low & is easily affordable by any end user. The team at GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS always tries to provide ultimate client satisfaction & this is the main motto.