Logo Design

A Logo is a representation of brand or a company in an image format, it can bring out the unique representation of a business. A logo designing is a vigorous process and consists of multiple steps as follows:

1. Design Brief: Some clients know exactly what is needed, while some clients need more help to visualize the ideas which will produce a perfect output. Most logo designers ask few common questions like:

What does the company do?
Who are the company’s typical customers?
Who are the company’s business competitors?
How is the company positioned in the market compared to its competitors?
Does the company have existing design style guides (company colors, typefaces, etc.)?
While creating a logo design, there are some points that are to be accessed like the Target market, Company Objectives, Design parameters, Budget.

2. Research: The market research is an important aspect in LOGO preparation, the other aspect are market trends, competitor analysis. Some LOGO analysts often ask for previous design and foot maps for enhancing the design before creation of new LOGO. There can be a LOGO gallery which can be used for references.

3. Design Concept: Once the research work is complete, the design process starts & this is quite an interesting process. In this step designers draw images, shapes, objects, and convert them into a creative design. There are some complex business models that require more knowledge about business thus a set of in-house designers might be consulted.

4. Feedback & Review: The feedback and review is very important in these aspect, a review can help to enhance a design concept and create additional design concepts. If there are many concepts out of which the stronger ones should be focused on. Listening to critics, interacting with forums can gain new ideas & get ratings from other fellow members.

5. Presentation: This is final step, where all ideas are finalized into a Complete LOGO. Generally there are multiple Logo designs presented to clients for final design selection. In some cases 2-3 revision might be required to achieve the ultimate perfection. In case of additional revision it is charged as per terms and condition.