Our mission is simple; we aim to move, inspire & go ahead. If you’re interested in seeing firsthand how we are changing the course of an industry by inspiring, innovating, and creating small goals then visit our web page and review our products and services. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS aims at creating cost effective solution without compromising the quality. All businesses have a Goal, The analysts at GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS would try to achieve those goals by means of optimizing the website structure & web contents. Different businesses require different niche for example:

I. Educational Institution: The education website would contains various informative things. For example:students would get regular updates about courses, fees collection system, online viewing of results, admission forms for students seeking new admission for both online & offline process. Teachers and professors can also view notices & apply for new posts.

II. Hospitals / Nursing Homes: The hospital system consists of the information about availability of beds, cost of healthcare packages, records of past critical cases solved by various doctors, booking of appointments with doctors, day to day entries and logs of other employees & staff, recruitment of new Doctors / Staff / Nurses through Notices.

III. Offices: Any office require their online presence through the web portal. There are various offices having different objective for putting up their business to the online world. If the office is a manufacturing company, they can show the sample of their work through online presentation. If the office is a service based company they can release the catalogue of their services for their customers to review before ordering. Other features include application on vacant posts through online application.

IV. Restaurant: These type of website would contain catalogue of food items sold by an offline restaurant, the food items can be ordered online by selecting specific quantity and serviceable location. Some food items are cooked on particular dates so a scheduling might be necessary. There are options for ordering large amount of customized food for parties. Visiting customers have the option to book tables for families & friends before coming to the outlet this can be done both online and via Phone numbers found on the website.

V. Professionals: Various professionals such as actors, doctors, engineers, astrologer, chartered accountants, musician, film directors, models, advocate, journalists, painter and photographers Doctors, engineers, charter accountants, Advocate, Astrologers and Photographers may create their own website for attracting online visitors, booking of appointments, scheduling & organizing visits. The booking may be done through online & offline medium both. The booking can be done even through Phone numbers found on the website. Actors /Film Directors / Musician / Model may create websites to showcase their talent to the online community and their admirers.
Doctors will have the option to put out critical cases solved in the past
Advocates similarly can refer to difficult cases solved in the past
Chartered accountants can refer to various associated firms that he/ she has audited before
Astrologers may list their previous solution that they have given to top clients such as celebrities, film stars etc.
Civil Engineers / Architects will have option to show their past developments done on various building projects, Plans & architectures.
Photographers will reflect their creativity and editing efficiency through their artistic output of images.
This will increase the assurance level to the client.

VI. Marriage Hall: There are many marriage halls that want to put their listing online to enhance their business and hence they require a website.Clients will have the ability to do online booking and reservation & view images of the respective marriage halls and also select the facilities that they need.

VII. Beauty Parlor & Salon: People who want to look beautiful and somehow not able to achieve the desired look at home, a beauty Parlor / salon can fulfil this need. If A parlor / Salon has its online website, it is just at a click of mouse away from the customers.It would serve in various ways like scheduling of visits, Purpose of visit – Bridal makeup / Professional makeup/ Hair trimming / Party makeovers etc. Visiting customers can also view image galleries of past clients who have enhanced their beauty over here.

VIII. Shops: There are many offline shops having multiple branches across various cities, the creation of websites not only give them online presence but also provides a network of branches across the number of outlets.

Online shops always have a diversity of clients and ability to track which is high in demand and which is not.
The ability to track total inventory in various shops & the best-selling outlets.
There might be different schemes & offers running at various outlets to attract customers.
Some shops might have ISO certification that boosts consumer confidence.
Smart phone users are captured well if a shop has mobile apps.
Customers are able to track which products are available in which outlets.
Good reviews written by fellow customers help judging new customers about the quality of the products and this increases sale.

IX. Ecommerce: There are many product and service based company that would tend to convert their business into an ecommerce model due to many advantages over the traditional way of business.

To reduce the expense of maintaining a big showroom.
To increase the customer base since the products can be viewed online.
Since the products are dispatched directly from distributors so the cost is generally very low.
This model is also hassle free since there are no customer to meet or deal.
The sale of product is not constrained to a particular region, a person can order from any location.
The profit factor is higher than a local business since there is a wider reach of customer.
Good reviews written by fellow customers help judging new customers about the quality of the products and this increases sales.

X. Non-Profit Organization: There are many non-profit organizations that may want to achieve an online presence through a website as there are many advantages:
Many nonprofit organizations are still unknown & people can come to know about their existence.
People seeking to join such organizations can learn more from their website.
Government & private organizations often donate money to such organizations based on their welfare work.
Needy people who are seeking rehabilitation, free medical assistance for critical illness can contact through their website.

XI. HR & Payroll System: The HR & Payroll System is a robust and complete package on Human Resource Solution Containing various sub modules as follows:
Payroll management system
Overtime management system
Employee TA / DA /FA /HRA
Attendance Management System.
Employee Scale & Increment management System.
Employee report generation system.

XII. Billing System: Any type of business require a billing software to calculate their day to day bills, a bill can be generated on the sale of products or services and there are also various types of direct and indirect taxes. The various Sub-modules of the billing System are as follows:
Incentive Management System.
Discount management System (Category of product), Different Slabs of customer and different companies.
Promotional Management Systems (Special Offer)
Payment Management Systems (Cash, Card, Bulk Sell)
Exchange Management Systems
Multi Department Management Systems

XIII. Inventory System: The inventory system which is used for tracking inventory levels, sales, order tracking and delivery. There are various sub modules as follows:
Order Management
Asset Tracking
Service Management
Product Identification
Inventory Optimization.