In today’s world the online space is getting flooded with various websites targeting different categories, there are also different purposes for creating a website, it can be a personal website speaking about a celebrity or a brand, and it can also be an ecommerce website solely created for selling of products and services to its customers. But in the long run most of these websites might not achieve its desired goal due to fact that it is unable to reach to its targeted audiences. All these problems can be solved by following few of the sophisticated S.E.O techniques while creating a new website. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS has a team of business analysts & developers, who abides by most of the techniques that would boost a new website with adequate web traffic. Few of the enhancements necessary for long lasting flow of traffic are as follows:
Unique Content: GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS focuses on writing unique contents for its clients, any search engine loves unique content & indexes it faster, there is also a noticeable S.E.R.P boost seen in rankings.

 Links & Backlinks: The backlinks serves the ideal way to boost web rankings of an website, It is necessary that quality domains are linking to it, GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS can negotiate with other website owners to acquire new backlinks. The internal links between pages is also necessary so that the domain authority flows from page to page.

Keywords: Analysts team of GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS researches on some niche keywords which are relevant to the web content, this includes calculation of monthly searches & overall competition on that keyword. Generally these keywords are anchored within the contents of the website for enhancing search results.

Permalinks: GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS uses various direct keyword based permalinks pointed to a category or a particular static page which enhances user experience & search engines ranks these sites higher.

Theme Factor: The use of unique theme with the application of freshly written CSS & html codes tells the search engine the uniqueness of the website & hence most of the newly created website can gain in ranking within a very short span of time.

XML sitemaps: The XML sitemaps are the most important aspect of a website, GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS creates sitemaps keeping in mind priorities of different pages of an website & can adjusts them as per client requirements. A well written sitemap can index a new site within a few days on submission to search engines.

Tags: There are quite a few tags that can be used while developing an Optimized S.E.O friendly website but the main focus is laid on – Title tag (Containing title of the website within 7 words), Keyword tag (Containing 5 optimized keywords), Description tag guiding about the page content & finally Robots tag to indicate when search engines should revisit for an update.

Social Media: GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS can create social media accounts on request of client which includes Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest , Foursquare. If the client has existing accounts with them the develop team can link the add-on related to these to the various sections of the website to enhance social sharing & two-way traffic exchange.

Local business: Listing in local business directories and websites boosts local search, creating profiles in Google business, Bing local, Foursquare can get additional Local Exposure. GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS can create local listings on demand of the client.

Adwords: GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS has a technical team specializes on Google Adwords  & Keyword marketing via paid search through , this is required mostly for new websites requiring instant targeted traffic through placement on top positions on Google search results.