Software Development

In order to develop efficient software, GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS writes optimized codes developed by the experienced team. The development process can be broken into various process as follows:
Requirements: Client specifies the requirements and the feature of the software is being analyzed, after the data has been collected, it is compiled into a document.
Analysis: Project Analysis team reviews the requirements and studies the feasibility of social, economic & technical aspects of the project.
Quotation: GISEON TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS sends the project quotation to the client for Approval.
Design: After Approval of the project, Designer team creates the design of the software.
Approve the design: Upon approval of the client, it marks the start of the coding phase. If client do not accept the design, Designing team would modify the design & would represent it again to the client for approval.
Coding: Once the design is approved, the work is divided into modules that is then coded by the developers.
Testing: The unit modules are being tested one by one and after that the unit modules are being assembled into a one single large module which is then tested. During this phase all types of functional testing like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done.
Maintenance: GISEON maintenance team will maintain the software on the request of the client.